Meet the Maker

   I have a passion for these sweet little things called 'Macarons'. After making them for the first time three years ago for a friend, I discovered that I was really quite good at making them and so have experimented and perfected my technique since then. I launched my macaron business at the end of 2014 making wedding favours, cakes and all things macarons. I've been a chef throughout my career and this has been a natural step for me to express my creativity.

Macarons are small french delicacies made up of round almond meringue shells, sandwiched together with chocolate ganache, fruit compote or buttercream. They are gluten free little jewels of heaven.. crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside, packed full of whatever flavour I choose to create.

All in all, perfect for a teatime treat, wedding favours, gifts or special occasions!

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